Sennelier Portrait Painters "Favorites" Set

Sennelier Portrait Painters "Favorites" Set

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Sennelier Artists' Extra Fine Oil sets are the perfect introduction to this extraordinary color line imported from France. Made from the finest hand-ground pigments, the pure, first press non-yellowing safflower oils in the paints give then a distinctive “satin” finish and stiff-butter consistency. The highly pigmented oils dry in a uniform manner over the entire color range of 140 colors. With a brush the spreading and paint blending could be described as sensuous and the paint holds the shape of the brushstrokes.

Mixability is a priority for Sennelier.  All pigment compositions are orchestrated to provide the most brilliant saturated combinations when intermixed. Whether used straight from the tube or mixed extensively, Sennelier oils are uniquely balanced and harmonious.

Gustave Sennelier developed these paints in 1887 and enthralled the early pioneers -  Monet, Gauguin, Matisse and Pissaro who first used them. Then later Picasso and Hockney and artists today who seek a concentrated stable pigment and color intensity that will endure for generations. 

Plein Air Landscape Set — the colors in this set have been chosen from Sennelier's large variety of oils for their simplicity and ability to mix a full spectrum of landscape colors, thus eliminating the need to carry a large number of colors into the field. The set contains:

  • 8 colors in 40 ml (1.35 oz) tubes, including one each of Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Light, Chinese Orange, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Azure Blue, French Ultramarine, and Yellow Ochre
  • Plein Air Field Guide to Color Mixing
  • 10 Tips for Better Plein Air Paintings
  • Isabey #6 Filbert bristle brush

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