Archival Painting Panels

Paintings come to life on Raymar

Raymar panels are the choice of professional artists. From the moment you place a panel on your easel to your first brushstroke, you will see and feel the quality of an archival Raymar panel.

We craft our panels with real canvas, linen and paper surfaces of the highest grade. All surfaces are uniformly bound to each panel with our specially formulated pH neutral adhesive and cut true to size. Our MDF panels are sealed with Raymar’s signature grey melamine backing for a professional, finished look that balances the panel and prevents warping.

Why paint on panels?

Conservators strongly recommend painting on a rigid support to protect your art. Flexible supports, like stretched canvas, are easily damaged. Also, when loose canvas is re-stretched the paint film will eventually crack.

Panels are ideal for plein air and travel. They are portable and prevent color distortion, as light does not penetrate through the back of the canvas.

To order:

Click on a product image below for specific surface. Then on the following page select…

Size - standard sizes range from 4” x 6” to 20” x 24”, click here for custom sizes

Substrate - 1/8” MDF, 1/16” MDF ‘Feather Lite’, 3/16” Gatorfoam or 2mm Aluminum Quantity - panels are sold in packages of 2 or 5 (depending on surface type)

Not sure which Raymar panel is right for your painting style? Click here to compare all surfaces and panel substrates. (link to SCAN #2 page, see below) Or try a Raymar panel sample set.

Can’t decide which Raymar panel is right for you? Click here to compare all surfaces and panel substrates.