John A. Dietrich OPA Memorial Award

To honor John, father and husband, our family created the John August Dietrich Memorial Award to be presented at the Annual Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. Raymar is proud to award a $1,000 cash prize every year to each OPA figurative award of excellence winner. We hope our memorial award may make a difference in the life and career of each artist recipient.

Our first award was presented at the 20th Annual OPA Exhibition in 2011 and was awarded to Glenn F. Harrington for his painting, “The Breakfast Table."

This painting holds a special place in our hearts as the title reminds me of my parents, John and Catherine. Every morning at the breakfast table they would write in their journals (or their "morning pages" after Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way) and talk about their personal discoveries, new Raymar ideas and how they could positively impact the art world. 

So in the spirit of John’s desire to make a difference, we applaud every artist who takes creative risks. One of you will be our next award recipient.

Emilie & Catherine Dietrich

About John...

Born in Detroit in 1930 at the height of the depression, John’s entrepreneurial and creative sprit appeared early. At age 5, he collected and sold gallon glass jugs for 5 cents to help his family. When he was 13 he became his piano teacher’s protégé and she planned to prepare him for the classical concert stage. Instead family and teachers encouraged him to enter Sacred Heart Seminary and John become a Maryknoll missionary priest.

Ordained at 27, his strong background of philosophy, psychology and theology prepared him for life’s challenges. For his first mission, John was sent to the Amazon jungle. Without funding, John created a self sufficient town in Bolivia where the indigenous people processed rubber, exported Brazil nuts to New York and London and formed a community corporation. To speed up production John invented a nut processing machine. The American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow visited John’s "Blanca Flor" project and did a special report on John, “the jungle priest” who completely changed the socioeconomic climate of the region.

John’s philosophy was “If you can think it, you can do it.” In 1966 Pope Paul VI granted John’s dispensation to follow his dream to become an entrepreneur. John A. Dietrich & Associates blended his experience and sense of humor to teach project management seminars to the top 500 corporations. Later with XPM Inc., employing a NASA prototype, he directed programmers to develop software for scheduled maintenance on the FedEx and Continental airline fleets. Raymar was John’s third business and it's our honor to uphold his entrepreneurial spirit and legacy.  


Memorial Winners

1st Annual Winner

20th OPA National Exhibition, 2011
At the Breakfast Table, 18 x 24" 
Artist: Glenn F. Harrington

2nd Annual Winner

21st OPA National Exhibition, 2012
Gentleness, 12 x 9"
Artist: Melissa Gann

3rd Annual Winner

22nd OPA National Exhibition, 2013
Majesty Rising, 36 x 30"
Artist: Charles Young Walls

4th Annual Winner

23rd OPA National Exhibition, 2014
Market Day, 30 x 22"
Artist: Christopher Z. Zhang

5th Annual Winner

24th OPA National Exhibition, 2015
Looking Back, 16 x 12"
Artist: Sue Foell

6th Annual Winner

25th OPA National Exhibition, 2016
Portrait of Paris, 36 x 24"
Artist: David Gray

7th Annual Winner

26th OPA National Exhibition, 2017
A Storm is Coming, 24 x 18"
Artist: Meadow R. Gist

8th Annual Winner

27th OPA National Exhibition, 2018
Deep in the Night, 20 x 16"
Artist: Bryce Cameron Liston

9th Annual Winner

28th OPA National Exhibition, 2019
Holding on to a Dream, 30 x 24"
Artist: Robin G. Williamson

10th Annual Winner

29th OPA National Exhibition, 2020
Madonna, 30 x 30"
Artist: Tim Rees

11th Annual Winner

30th OPA National Exhibition, 2021
The Garden Swing, 30 x 30"
Artist: Richard S. Johnson

12th Annual Winner

31tst OPA National Exhibition, 2022
Blonde Beauty, 10 x 8"
Artist: Qiuzhen Wei