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Stephen Bauman

Drawing on Stonehenge Paper


Founded & owned by artists since 1998, Raymar is one of the leading producers of archival art materials.

We source the finest canvas, linens and papers to craft our archival MDF and Aluminum panels. By partnering with companies like Legion Paper, Raymar combines the strengths and expertise of the world's leading art materials producers to deliver the finest panels for your artwork.

When it comes to art materials... there is paint and there are brushes, but it is your panel and surface that ultimately records the lasting impression. Lasting Art Lives on Raymar. 


Stonehenge was created in 1972 specifically as a 100% cotton deckled paper for the printmaking community, made to rival the more expensive European mould-made papers. It was quickly adopted not just by printmakers, but by artists across working in a broad spectrum of media. This versatility, combined with its affordability, has made Stonehenge one of the most popular artist papers for students and professionals alike.

The paper of choice of many members of the Colored Pencil Society of America, Stonehenge has the ability to take multiple layers of wax-based and oil-based colored pencil without any buildup, allowing colors to penetrate and absorb into the surface of the sheet.