Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Inks Set
Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Inks Set

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Inks Set

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Free your creative spirit with the fluidity of acrylic inks. 

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Inks are highly pigmented, 100% cadmium free, acrylic polymer inks. They produce vivid, water-resistant (when dry) and light-resistant results ensuring your painting retains its color over time. 

Extremely versatile, these acrylic inks can be applied with brushes, pens, airbrushes, and calligraphy pens. Ideal for water effects, stamping, color blocking and underpainting. Dropper top bottles allow for easy application directly from the bottle onto multiple painting surfaces. 

The Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Ink Set contains:

  • 5 ink colors in 30ml (1.05 oz) bottles, including Carbon Black (763), Titanium White (116), Primary Yellow (574), Primary Red (686) and Primary Blue (385)

The colors in this set have been chosen from Sennelier's Abstract Acrylic Inks range of 43 colors. These inks easily intermix with other Sennelier acrylics.

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