Sennelier Oil Sticks Set
Sennelier Oil Sticks Set

Sennelier Oil Sticks Set

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Unleash the freedom of creative expression with oil sticks.

Sennelier Oil Sticks allow you a greater degree of spontaneity and creative play while oil painting. Each oil stick is a made of pure concentrated, top quality Sennelier pigment and the finest safflower oil mixed with a small portion of neutral mineral wax to create a stick form. 

The oil sticks have a high concentration of pigments that enables excellent light resistance to be achieved. The colors in this set are selected from Sennelier's oil stick color range of 55 very bright, top quality pigments. These creamy sticks can be used for sketching or for producing a complete work of art on any traditional oil painting surface such as linen panels.

Like regular oils, paint layers can be overlapped and thinned with a solvent. Applied paint dries within 2 to 5 days depending on layer thickness and atmospheric conditions. Once dry, the paint may be varnished like conventional oil paint.

The Sennelier Oil Stick Set contains:

  • 6 oil sticks (38ml each) including one stick each of Titanium White (116), Ivory Black (755), Primary Yellow (574), Primary Red (686), Primary Blue (385) and Viridian (837).

Please note: Before using an oil stick, the naturally occurring surface film should be removed. Simply wipe the tip of the oil stick with a rag or paper towel first. 

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