Deep Purple (Dioxazine) - M. Harding Oil - 40ml
Deep Purple (Dioxazine) - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

Deep Purple (Dioxazine) - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

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Michael Harding Deep Purple (Dioxazine) - Deep Purple has tremendous use in all aspects of painting but should be used with caution by new artists as it has a tint power only matched by the Phthalocyanines. However, please do not be daunted by this description as when combined with whites it produces remarkable shades. Also, its slight addition to transparent yellows, such as Indian Yellow, can result in some extraordinary results that one can only describe as dark yellow which as a concept can be a little strange.

Color Index PV23
Drying Speed Average
Transparency Transparent
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content High
Tint Power High
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ASTM D-4236  ✓

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