Viridian - M. Harding Oil - 40ml
Viridian - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

Viridian - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

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Michael Harding Viridian - One of the fastest curing colors in the Michael Harding paint line, along with stack lead white. This hydrated variant of Chromium Hydroxide, introduced in the mid 19th century, is a valued support color used for influencing greys in the underpainting. The vivid blue undertones apparent in thin layers are soon eclipsed in thicker applications. Landscape and some portrait artists still prefer it to the more brutal power of the Phthalo Greens. When combined with reds an interesting range of blue-greys results. Placing it as local color in the proximity of vermilion can also have some very interesting complementary effects.

Color Index PG18
Drying Speed Extremely Fast
Transparency Semi-Transparent
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content High
Tint Power Average
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ASTM D-4236  ✓

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