DryAngle - Painting Drying Rack
DryAngle - Painting Drying Rack

DryAngle - Painting Drying Rack

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A lightweight solution to dry, display and store paintings.

Designed by plein air artist Debra Latham, the DryAngle is a simple way to dry and display paintings. Each DryAngle folds flat to take up little horizontal space while traveling. It's also a convenient way to display your paintings at art shows or store them in your studio.

How it works:

  • Simply fold each DryAngle on the fold lines & insert tabs into slots
  • Line them up, side by side, and rest panels or canvases in the slots
  • When you're done, fold flat, wipe down & put in your suitcase or bag
  • Holds 9 panels

    The slots are designed to have just enough drying room in between the panels without touching.

    Each DryAngle comes as a set of 2. We recommended using the two pieces together for stability, especially with wet artwork. However, you can use them individually for very small paintings.

      Featured Artist:

      "I created the Dryangle out of a need to find a better way to dry my paintings in the hotel room when on plein air painting trips. I often share hotel rooms with 2-3 other painters and space is limited. I needed something lightweight, compact and flat to fit in my suitcase. I also needed it to be durable and strong enough to withstand the beating it may encounter for the duration of the trip. I tried several designs before I refined it to what it is now. I wanted to make it just one piece and easy to use. I chose the triangle design because its the strongest shape in architecture...thus the Dryangle"

      - Debra Latham

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