Cold Press Fabriano Watercolor Panels - Aluminum (ACM)
Cold Press Fabriano Watercolor Panels - Aluminum (ACM)
Cold Press Fabriano Watercolor Panels - Aluminum (ACM)

Cold Press Fabriano Watercolor Panels - Aluminum (ACM)

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The Raymar Panel designed for Watercolor Artists.

Our new watercolor aluminum panels are crafted with the finest Fabriano Artistico extra white, 140lb cold press paper. This 100% cotton, mould-made watercolor paper is mounted to our ACM (aluminum composite material) panels with a brushed silver finish. The result is an ultimate rigid support than can handle large amounts of water while painting.

Fabriano has been famous for its fine art papers since 1264 and was the choice of Michelangelo. This exceptional Italian made paper is the purest white available without any optical brighteners. The beautiful pebbled surface grabs the paint while colors remain rich and vibrant. The surface is ideal for watercolor as well as tempera, gouache, pastel, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite & drawing.

FEATURES of F41CP Watercolor Paper:

  • 100% cotton, mould-made paper - acid and chlorine free
  • durable surface handles lifting, scrubbing, scraping and layering
  • handles heavy washes or soaking - will not warp or buckle
  • internal & external synthetic sizing, no animal by-products
  • no watermark to interfere with artwork or composition
  • easily framed without glass if varnished 

Featured Artist:

"Raymar’s Fabriano watercolor panels are perfect for my needs. I love Fabriano paper, it has a long history and was the choice of Michaelangelo. Combining it with an ACM panel continues that history and makes Raymar’s watercolor panels completely unique. The surface maintains the cold press texture I love, with a ridged support that doesn’t buckle. I thoroughly enjoy working on this new surface!"

- Matthew Bird

Please note: some substrates are not available in every size or surface. If you do not see the panel you need on the product order pages, please request a custom panel. We do our best to accommodate your requests.
4 Raymar panel substrates available:
Raymar-Panels-ACM-MDF-GATORFOAM1/8" MDF - the original Raymar Panel. Our Medium Density Fiberboard has no added oils and the back of the board is sealed with our signature gray melamine to prevent warping and deterioration.

1/16" FeatherLite - Our original MDF panel but half as thick at only 1/16" thin. Designed for the traveling artists who needs a lightweight yet rigid panel. Available in sizes up to 12 x 16".

3mm ACM - Aluminum Composite Material (a version of Dibond®) is the ultimate rigid panel that is completely unaffected by humidity or heat. Made of two sheets of aluminum with a polyethylene core.

3/16" Gatorfoam - An extremely light yet strong archival board made from polystyrene foam between two wood-fiber facers. Ideal for travel and large panels.

Panels appear in order from top to bottom: 1/8” MDF, 1/16” FeatherLite, 3mm ACM, 3/16" Gatorfoam

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