Natural Copper ACM Panels
Natural Copper ACM Panels

Natural Copper ACM Panels

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There's nothing like painting on real copper. A must try for any oil painter!

Introducing our NEW Natural Copper ACM Panels. Paint glides across this soft satin finish with ease. Your art takes on new depths as the luminous copper hues glimmer through your painting. 

Our copper panel consist of a real (0.3mm) copper plate mounted to a rigid ACM panel with a solid polyethylene core.  The panel is extremely rigid and resists any temperature or humidity changes so it does not warp.  The aluminum back is finished and sealed with an archival brushed silver polyester coating for an elegant presentation that resists scratches. 

Painting on copper is a tradition dating back to the 16th and 17th century. Oil paint creates a natural chemical bond with the copper so it not necessary to prime the surface to paint on it. Once finished, varnish your painting to retain the natural luminosity of any exposed copper areas and prevent oxidation.

FEATURES of Natural Copper ACM Panels:

  • Real Copper surface (0.3mm natural copper plate)
  • Ready to paint with no need to prime
  • Slightly beveled edge so panel is not sharp
  • Brushed silver polyester coated Aluminum back prevents scratches
  • Panel resists temperature and humidity changes
We recommend cleaning with isopropyl alcohol before painting or lightly sanding, however sanding is not required. 

Raymar Copper Panel Mara Light

Featured Artist:

"I am in love with Raymar's copper panels! I can achieve endless possibilities on these panels that I can't on any other surface. My colors and skin tones are more vibrant and alive.

I am an artist that puts the most importance on the surface I paint on. If the surface doesn't speak to me the entire painting becomes a struggle. But Raymar's copper panels are so beautiful and enjoyable to paint on. They really are magical!"

- Mara Light


Please note: some substrates are not available in every size or surface. If you do not see the panel you need on the product order pages, please request a custom panel. We do our best to accommodate your requests.
4 Raymar panel substrates available:
Raymar-Panels-ACM-MDF-GATORFOAM1/8" MDF - the original Raymar Panel. Our Medium Density Fiberboard has no added oils and the back of the board is sealed with our signature gray melamine to prevent warping and deterioration.

1/16" FeatherLite - Our original MDF panel but half as thick at only 1/16" thin. Designed for the traveling artists who needs a lightweight yet rigid panel. Available in sizes up to 12 x 16".

3mm ACM - Aluminum Composite Material (a version of Dibond®) is the ultimate rigid panel that is completely unaffected by humidity or heat. Made of two sheets of aluminum with a polyethylene core.

3/16" Gatorfoam - An extremely light yet strong archival board made from polystyrene foam between two wood-fiber facers. Ideal for travel and large panels.

Panels appear in order from top to bottom: 1/8” MDF, 1/16” FeatherLite, 3mm ACM, 3/16" Gatorfoam

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