Cretacolor Watercolor Pencil Set
Cretacolor Watercolor Pencil Set

Cretacolor Watercolor Pencil Set

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The fluidity of watercolors with the control of a pencil. 

Cretacolor Watercolor Pencils captivate with their brilliant colors, soft stroke and highest lightfastness ratings. These fine art quality pencils are made in Vienna, Austria and are eco friendly with no rainforest woods or toxins. 

The true distinction of these pencils is revealed when dissolved with water: clear lines flow into smooth transitions to produce stunning watercolor washes. The colors are fully blendable to achieve an infinite number of shades. 

Versatile for use in watercolor, drawing, blending, and mixed media.

The Cretacolor Aquarelle Pencil Set contains:

  • 12 Watercolor Pencils in a tin box, including:  Permanent White, Cadmium Citron, Orange, Permanent Red Dark, Madder Carmine, Violet, Ultramarine, Light Blue, Moss Green Light, Grass Green, Chestnut Brown, Ivory Black. 


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