Indigo - M. Harding Oil - 40ml
Indigo - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

Indigo - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

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Michael Harding Indigo - A deep, rich Indigo that is both organic and inorganic. This color is transparent, has an average drying time along with excellent lightfastness and high tint power.

Nocturne painters will fall in love with this Indigo! Artists who like painting anything from, sultry skies to more conservative painters looking for ways to enhance greys and shadows, this Indigo is a paint you should explore. This very rich, deep, dark Indigo has an uncompromising quality and consistency along with all the hallmark characteristics of a Michael Harding product. It is truly delicious, beautiful, and inky.

Color Index PBk6, PB15.3, PV19
Drying Speed Average
Transparency Very Opaque
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content High
Tint Power High
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ASTM D-4236  ✓

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