Kings Blue Deep - M. Harding Oil - 40ml
Kings Blue Deep - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

Kings Blue Deep - M. Harding Oil - 40ml

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Michael Harding Kings Blue Deep - A deeper version of the Kings Blue Light blend. Useful for such features as architectural modeling in backgrounds, flowers, interiors, skies and accent colors.

This name was given by English manufacturers to Smalt, a Cobalt-based pigment that was used in the 16th -17th centuries as a less expensive alternative to Lapis Lazuli. Unfortunately, Smalt was prone to fade into a light grey, as some Veronese skies demonstrate. But the introduction of Ultramarine Blue made the original Smalt formula obsolete, so Kings Blue Deep is a completely reliable substitute blend that evokes the aerial effects of the great Venetian decorators.

Color Index PB29, PW6
Drying Speed Average
Transparency Opaque
Lightfastness Excellent
Oil Content Low
Tint Power Average
Toxicity Non-Toxic
ASTM D-4236  ✓

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