Michael Harding Intro Paint Set
Michael Harding Intro Paint Set

Michael Harding Intro Paint Set

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This introductory set of Michael Harding oil paint allows you to try a selection of six luscious, vibrant colors in 40ml tubes. 

Michael Harding paints are made by hand, using techniques which date back to the days of the Old Masters. These oils feature high pigment load and excellent mixing power. The greater the pigment content of a paint the greater the resistance it has to fading. These intense colors of paint are both beautiful and durable. No fillers or extenders are used, and no driers are added. This prevents brittleness, cracking, and wrinkling. 

Harding will not claim that his paints will turn you into a great painter, but he does promise they will have a profound effect on your work. Your colors will be stronger and richer, and you will find the texture of the paint incomparable. You will love working with them.

This introductory set includes:

Introductory Set (40ml) Series
Titanium White No. 2 1
Yellow Lake 1
Ultramarine Blue
Yellow Ochre Deep
Burnt Umber
Scarlet Lake

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