Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer Titanium White

Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer Titanium White

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Keep your colors looking rich and vibrant with Michael Harding's Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer. 

Michael Harding's primer allows artists to quickly prime a canvas or other support while leaving an inviting paint surface that is luscious and moist in appearance. The non-absorbent surface does not leech the oil from oil paints like many traditional acrylic primers that will leave your colors looking flat or dull. Rather, your colors retain their original luster and stay vibrant. 

Made with non-toxic, non-absorbing acrylic resin, this primer produces a strong, flexible, permanent, and highly pigmented white ground that's suitable for both oils and acrylics. It provides a strong bond to layers of paint to prevent delaminating. Apply Michael Harding Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primer to plain MDF, ACM (aluminum), or wood panels or linen or canvas. 

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