"Pieces on Paper" Sample Set [5x7]

"Pieces on Paper" Sample Set [5x7]

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For the artists who uses a variety of media on paper.

This sample set includes four 5x7 panels curated for the artist that likes to paint, draw or use watercolors on a surface. In this set you can test our different paper surfaces including a rough and hot press watercolor paper and two kinds of cold press paper, one designed for oil paint and one for watercolors. These papers are also excellent surfaces for drawing, charcoal or mixed media.  

This 5x7 sample set includes:

  • (3) Watercolor Paper Panel
  • (1) Oil Paper Panel

For more detailed descriptions & images, click on the links in the descriptions below.

58A Oil Paper140lb, cold press traditional white Arches Oil paper from France is internally sized and specially formulated for oil painting. It has a powerful oil barrier to absorb solvents while pigments remain on surface. 58A is mounted on a 1/8" MDF panel. 

F61HP Watercolor Paper: A 140lb, hot press extra white Fabriano Artistico Italian paper with an ultrasmooth surface that is ideal for high detail work, including drawing and charcoal. Mounted on our brushed silver ACM panel.

F31R Watercolor Paper: A 140lb, rough traditional white Fabriano Artistico Italian paper with a textured surface for loose, expressive painting and grainy effects. It is also mounted on our brushed silver ACM panel. 

F41CP Watercolor Paper: A 140lb, cold press extra white Fabriano Artistico Italian paper with a beautiful pebbled surface. It is mounted to our ACM panel for the ultimate rigid support that can handle heavy washes or soaking and will not warp or buckle.

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